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Jurley Colin - UP!


Sometimes you need to play the left field, in some occasions you need to take it all the way right. Other times Up! is your only angle. This is exactly the feeling Jurley Colin embedded in his new release called Up! 

If you are looking for that new wave sound with a notch of flavour from another dimension this track is just what you are looking for. Straight off the bat you wonder where the journey is heading to. When the beat kicks in it’s safe that you’ll be heading for the roof. 

Colin swiftly fires his verses with ease thru the structure that just wobbles that odd heat instilled with that vibe that catapults you to the now and wow. 

Up! is available on all streaming platforms and can be purchased in your favourite online store. Consider this a warning!!! This gem is bass heavy and is not for the faint hearted. Stay on the lookout for more Jurley Colin music.

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